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Sports betting are a good option to have some extra money without much effort, obviously betting on sports you know about and also bet with teams or people you regularly follow their development to see if they’re having a good season. So don’t waste your money on people or teams that aren’t having a good season.

That is why here we bring you some modalities of this sports betting you can do in any swimming competition:

Freestyle (Crawl)

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This is the traditional and most famous modality of any competition or bet. They are made up of different distances: 50 meters, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 meters.

It’s also the most popular in bets, where you choose who will be the swimmer who will end up winning and you can also bet on your own choice of the top 3 that you think will win.

Breaststroke, Back, And Butterfly

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These modalities are also made up of different distances such as freestyle, which are carried out by swimming in different styles such as backstroke. The bets are carried out in the same way as in the traditional mode, choosing your favorite.


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This is one of the most popular modalities who is followed through the Olympic Games since they are the most interesting because they are made up of 4 swimmers from the same team. They are carried out by distances such as 4×50 meters, 4×100 meters, and 4×200 meters.

But also with the complexity that is carried out by different styles of swimming like the previous ones: freestyle, butterfly, back, breaststroke. And you just have to bet on the winning team, and if you hit, you take the bet.

Beat Records

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These bets are also available where you bet if any swimmer will beat any record during the competition or in one of the modalities of the competition because it’s so common that even just one swimmer ends up achieving a new record. The best thing is they have high payment rates on the sportsbook.

The important thing to realize this type of bets is to know how the methodology of this sport is and also know the swimmers, so investigate them a little bit. But don’t trust in the “favorites” because sometimes what seems more obvious doesn’t end up happening, and the statistics offered by the sportsbook can be very helpful to choose. So think carefully about what you will do to get good results!